Want to see an artist perform at the Grizzly Rose?! Well now is your chance! We want to give our fans the very best artists that YOU want to see! Whether it be a band that has played here before or someone totally new the choice is yours. By voting for an artist it will allow us to know who you want to see at the Grizzly Rose and which artists are most popular among our fans. That being said, there is a lot that goes into booking a show and while an artist may obtain a high quantity of votes it does not guarantee or imply booking at the Grizzly Rose.

In order to include a band to be voted on please fill out the the form to the right below. Once that artist has been submitted 5 times we will include it in our voting section. Please read the paragraph below “Vote for Your Band”  for more on voting restrictions/rules.

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Vote below for an artist that you would like to see play at the Grizzly Rose! You can vote for up to three artists on one submission and vote once every two weeks.  You must also include your email to be entered.

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The submission period for submitting a band is currently suspended. Please instead go vote on one of the many artists submitted to the left. We will re-open voting submissions in a month.