Want to see an artist perform at the Grizzly Rose?! Well now is your chance! We want to give our fans the very best artists that YOU want to see! Whether it be a band that has played here before or someone totally new the choice is yours. In order to include a band to be voted on please fill out the the form to the right below. Once that artist has been submitted 5 times we will include it in our voting section.

After an artist reaches 2,000+ votes we will contact them to book a show at the Grizzly Rose.  Unfortunately, us contacting them does not guarantee they will play at the Grizzly Rose, but we will do our best to make it happen! Please read the paragraph below “Vote for Your Band”  for more on voting restrictions/rules.

Vote For Your Band

Vote below for an artist that you would like to see play at the Grizzly Rose! You can vote for up to three artists on one submission and vote once every two weeks.  You must also include your email to be entered.

Who Do You Want Us To Bring Into The Grizzly Rose?
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Submit a Band

Submit a band to be included in the voting poll by using the form below. Please use the artist or bands correct full name – no nicknames. Once your requested artist has been submitted 5 times by 5 different emails we will add it to the list for people to vote on!

Submission counts will be checked and included weekly so do not worry if you do not see your artist on the poll after submitting.