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Top Red Dirt Country Songs

If you’re a big fan of country music, then you’ve definitely heard of red dirt music! It’s a musical style that’s rough around the edges, and it can really spur up the rebellious outlaw in you, so we’ve put together a list of the top red dirt country songs to get you going! What Is […]

Casey Donahew Featured

Interview with Casey Donahew

Last week we had the opportunity to host Casey Donahew for a great night at the Rose. Afterwards we had asked him some questions about his life as an artist and his love for Texas. Here’s what we learned. Was this your first show at the Grizzly Rose? No, we have been playing the Rose for […]

Country Music Best

Why Country Music is the Best

Country music is the best, but you probably already know that! Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just started listening, have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes it so great? Even through all the different types played by various artists over the years, most of it shares some common traits […]

Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose Interview

Interview with Chase Bryant

We are excited to be hosting Chase Bryant on Friday, March 31st at 8:00pm. To purchase tickets to the show please click here. We had the chance to interview Chase to learn a bit more about his band. Have you played a show at the Grizzly Rose before? I have! The first show we ever played […]

Michael Tyler Interview

Interview with Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler is a young artist from Missouri who’s quickly making an impact on the country music scene. He’s an incredibly nice and funny guy, and we had the opportunity to chat with him about his experiences as a musician and to get the scoop on his upcoming album. Thanks for playing a show with us […]