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10 new country artists you need to know

10 New Country Artists You Need to Know

The classics may never die, but it’s worth watching out for the new classics that are coming out of Nashville all the time. The country scene is more vibrant and varied than ever before. To give you a taste of what’s bubbling up the charts then take a look at this list of ten new […]

Most Popular Music Genre by State

Most Popular Music Genre by State

One of the things that makes America great is how diverse it is. While Americans share many things, collectively there are also plenty of distinctions between different regions. This is very apparent when you look at musical tastes. You can learn a lot about the different states by looking at their favorite genres and favorite […]

Top 10 Rodeos in the USA

There’s nothing better than throwing on a good pair of boots and watching one of the most dangerous events around – the rodeo. Each year comes with a spectacular array of rodeo events you’d kick yourself in the rear for missing, but a very prominent question we get tends to be, “which ones are the […]

Famous Country Music Venues

12 Famous Country Music Venues

Listening to recordings of your favorite country songs is all well and good, but to truly get the country experience you need to hear it live. Country music was born in bars, and on front porches, anywhere you could find space for a singer and a guitar. If you’re looking for live country, then you […]

Mural to Country Music

How Did Country Music Get its Name?

There are some things in life that seem obvious until you take the time to actually examine them. The term country music is one of those things. If you’ve grown up listening to it and talking about it, then you’ve probably never questioned it. After all, it feels so natural and right. But at one-time […]