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Hunting in Colorado: Then vs Now

Colorado was a big frontier back in the days of the Wild West. The area sits where the Great Plains come crashing into the majestic Rocky Mountains, and this gives the state a diverse amount of areas for wildlife to roam. For survival and sport, generations of people have tried to outsmart nature and hunt […]

Interview with Thompson Square

We’re excited to be hosting Thompson Square once again on March 3rd. Click here for tickets. We had the opportunity to chat with Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square, to ask him some questions about the band, his life, and music in general. How did you meet each other? We met each other at a singing […]

Big Ranches

The Biggest Ranches in the World

Wouldn’t it have been great to live in the good old days of the Wild West? If you were feeling a bit claustrophobic in your city life, you’d have the choice to head off and become a rancher. Endless days of roaming through nature, and plenty of animals to keep you company. The good news […]

Wild Western Towns in USA

Wild Western Towns in the USA

Maybe you’re a cowgirl or cowboy at heart, but you were born in a time when the Wild West has disappeared. You dream of roaming the plains on horseback, playing cards in a saloon, and waking up each morning ready for an adventure. But wait, is the Wild West really gone? It’s not the same […]

Jeannie Seely Interview

Exclusive Interview with Country Legend Jeannie Seely

Jeannie Seely is a country music legend and Grand Ole Opry Star. Back in the 60s and 70s she won and was nominated for a number of awards including a Grammy for her country hit “Don’t Touch Me” which reach #2 on Billboard and #1 on Record World. She’s been singing for over 5 decades, […]