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Eric Paslay Interview

We are very excited for Eric’s upcoming show at the Grizzly Rose. If you haven’t already got a ticket for the show you can purchase tickets below.

Click here for tickets to the Eric Paslay show.

Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before?

This will be my 3rd or 4th time playing at the Grizzly Rose

It’s been said that honesty is a potent tool in your creative arsenal as a musician. Can you explain this a bit and why you’ve developed this as a part of your music.

Honesty is a tool in my creative arsenal. I think every great song has honesty at its root.

Who are your top 3 favorite red heads (besides yourself)?

My Top Three Red Heads:

  1. Willie
  2. Reba
  3. Lucille Ball

You’ve had a lot of #1 hits in your time. Regardless of how well the song performed, what is your favorite song you’ve ever written and/or performed and why?

I am grateful and love all of the number one songs I’ve been a part of. One of my favorite songs is Deep As It Is Wide because I got to record it with Amy Grant and Sheryl Crow. Not only was it a dream to sing with both of them, but it was at a time when I didn’t have any hits as a writer or as a singer and them believing in me was a boost from Heaven.

You started playing guitar at a young age. Who was the artist or band that was your biggest inspiration to pick up a guitar and want to play it yourself?

I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 15, kinda crazy! Eric Clapton ‘Tears In Heaven’ was the first song I figured out on guitar. At most sound checks you might hear me playing it.

 Eric Paslay Interview

Like many country musicians you very much identify with your Texas roots. Can you tell us how important the Lone Star state is to you and how’s it’s shaped you as a musician?

Being from Texas has shaped me musically I’m sure. I think we are all shaped from the country, state and town we grow up in. I love all kinds of music and Texas radio waves are full of diversity.

Tell us about the best day you ever had. What happened that day?

The best day I ever had was when I married my wife!

Besides Texas, where is the city that’s your favorite place to play? The place that every time you see it on the tour list you smile.

One of my favorite cities to play is Denver!!!

Here’s doubled a barreled question. Who is your favorite artist you ever performed with? Also, what artist have you not performed with yet, but would love to collaborate with sometime in the future.

It’s hard to pick one person I loved performing with. Amy and Sheryl were amazing! Charlie Daniel’s was a total trip! Singing The Driver with Charles Kelley and Dierks was super special too. An artist I’d love to perform with is Tom Petty.

What’s your comfort food? After a long tour or show, what’s your go to meal to make yourself feel whole again.

Honestly, when I get home from a tour my wife and I usually walk up the street and get some Shrimp and Grits!