Sam Riggs Interview

Grizzly Rose Sam Riggs

How was your show at the Grizzly Rose?

This was my 3rd time headlining the Grizzly Rose! My guys and I absolutely love it here. The venue is top notch and the staff is amazing. They’ve got great food as well!

When did playing music first spark you interest?

I started playing music when I was just a little kid. My mom would play guitar and sing to my brother and I every night. That sewed the seed of music in my heart.

Tell us about the transition from Florida to Austin, TX when you were a teenager.

I moved from St. Cloud, FL to Austin, TX when I was 18 years old. I was chasing after a music career and Austin, Texas is a stellar music town. It was scary and crazy at times. I lived in a trailer in the woods way outside of town. I learned a lot about what I was made of in those days.

Sam Riggs Grizzly Rose Concert

How did you meet Ray Wylie Hubbard and what kind of impact did he have on your country music career?

I met Ray through Judy, his wife. They’re wonderful people. Ray taught me a ton about songwriting, and they both taught me a lot about the music business in general. I probably wouldn’t be as far along as I am without them!

We’ve heard that you had to sell all your possessions to finance ‘Lighthouse’ your seconded extended play. How confident were you that this would lead to bigger things when you decided to take that risk?

It was a complete leap of faith. I was gambling everything on my willingness to work harder than anyone else. It’s worked so far! Lol.

After ‘Outrun the Sun’ was released, positive things started happening quickly for you. What was the moment where you realized that being a country music star was no longer a dream, but a reality?

I think it really started to sink in that this was working when when places like Rolling Stone Magazine started calling and asking to do interviews. It was pretty wild… Suddenly the press was all over it out of nowhere. My manager at the time and I were scrambling to stay on top of it!

Sam Riggs Denver Grizzly Rose

What is your favorite song that you have created in your career so far and why?

There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I’m really proud of. Songs like Change, and The Lucky Ones are two that stick out at the moment. They capture such an important aspect of our lives that so many people graze over in music these days. I love them.

Where’s your favorite place to play? Whether it’s a city or a specific venue.

The Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO.

Why did you decided to release your second album on your own label and what was your experience like using Kickstarter to crowd-fund it?

I wanted to make the record and release on my own terms. It was a huge success for us, but there were several times when I wondered if I was in over my head. Just gotta keep working! It’s paid off ten-fold being able to call the shots. Kickstarter was amazing- being able to include the fans in the process at that level was the ultimate experience.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of music? What do you like to do and how do you typically spend your free time?

Outside of music I tend to be a little bit of an adventure/adrenaline junky. I’m a pilot, so I fly in the backcountry quite a bit. I also love backpacking, rock climbing, and camping. I’m definitely an outdoors guy.