Ray Scott Interview

We’ve got Ray Scott joining Sawyer Brown for what’s setup to be a fantastic show this week! If you haven’t bought tickets yet follow the link below.

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Interview with Ray Scott

We’re excited to have you back at the Grizzly Rose again! Tell us about your last time playing with us?

It was a snowy Thanksgiving eve a couple of years back, so the crowd was a little small, but it was great!

Tell us a bit about your newest album “Guitar for Sale.’ How is it unique and different from your previous albums?

Guitar for Sale is a little different than the last couple we put out. It’s still me, still my songwriting viewpoint, but we tracked this one live, giving it more energy and more of an unpolished sound. I wanted this record to sound reminiscent of the music that lit a fire in me years ago, be it country or rock.. I think we accomplished that. I’m proud of our results. Michael Hughes produced this record and it was a first time effort with him.

You have been in the country music game for quite some time now. What are your top 3 favorite venues to play in the country?

Well, the Grizzly Rose was on my Bucket List for a while, and we finally got to do that, so that’s one of them. I also enjoyed playing at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. There have also been a number of old theaters across the US that all have their own charm. It is really hard to narrow it down.

What was your path to becoming a country musician like? Was there a defining moment or influence in your life that is most responsible for driving you to become a country musician?

I was a rocker… My first band was a rock band. Growing up in the 80’s I wasn’t a big fan of the country stuff my dad was listening to, but looking back that was more about rebellion against the folks! I heard Steve Earle singing ‘Someday.’ The song spoke to me really loudly and I was hooked. I then began to realize country was getting cool again. I immersed myself with it during the early 90s. I realized that it much more suited my sensibilities as my songwriting began to develop.

What is your all-time favorite line in any song that you’ve ever written?

My all time favorite line in one of my songs is:

  • “It ain’t the neighborhood you’re in… It’s the neighbor that you are.”

Another one that I really like is:

  • “I ain’t always thirsty when I drink”.

Ray Scott Country Singer Interview

When you aren’t on the road, in the studio, or on tour. What activities usually occupy your time?

When I’m not on the road or in the studio, I like to hang out with my best friend which is my wife Stacey. She always reminds me of what life is all about, the simple things.

It seems as if a cowboy hat is a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. Do you have a favorite brand or store for your cowboy hats?

Man, I like Lonestar Cowboy Hats. I’ve been getting them at Boot Barn, but they don’t carry them as much now. I need a new hook-up!

If someone had never heard your music and wanted to know what you are all about based on one song. Which song would you recommend them to listen to?

My first single, My Kind of Music, is a good place to start. Then they could peel the onion a number of ways after that, haha…

Looking back on all you’ve achieved, what advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue a career in music?

The Music Biz is harder than it’s ever been… You’ve gotta really burn inside to do it. And you’ve gotta work your butt off to set yourself apart from all the other newcomers. With social media, it’s like every other person is an “artist” these days. You’ve gotta really work to make yourself unquestionably legitimate and original. I still believe the cream rises to the top, but there are a lot more dead fish in the way now.

Drinkin’ Beer is a fantastic song. When your partaking in this activity, what’s your favorite beer?

Man, I’ve actually taken a break from the golden beverage, but I tend to like getting away from the big brands. I enjoy trying the specialty stuff like micro-brews. I’d also recommend Veteran Beer. They’re a smaller company that makes a superior product, and they donate a lot of proceeds to the needs of Veterans and their families. That rocks in my book!