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Colorado Four Wheeling Trails

Colorado’s natural scenery makes it a perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The diverse landscape offers opportunities for fishing, kayaking, hiking, cycling, skiing and more. One of our favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors and some good fun? Hitting one of the many four wheeler/ ATV trails in the state.

Here are our favorite spots to enjoy some four wheeling action that aren’t too far from the Denver area. Any of these three prime trail-riding locations will make for an excellent days excursion for you and your friends.

Four Wheeler Trails in Colorado

Red Feather Lakes

Roosevelt National Forest conceals nearly 100 miles of ATV trails that wind through forest, near lakes and monumental rocks. Many of the trails are single use for motorcycles and dirt bikes, but a good portion of the routes west of the lakes off Deadman Road is fantastic for ATVs.

Red Feather Lakes is approximately two hours north of Denver on the I-25 North.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available online and at the ranger stations to designate which trails and roads can be legally driven on. Road closures and openings are also posted on the Forest Service website.

Many of these trails are dusty and rugged, so be prepared to climb rocky terrain in your four wheeler and to get dusty! As with most of the ATV trails in the state, the Forest Service governs open and closure times. Most often ATV season is in the summer months, stretching from June 15th to September 30th. The other half of the year is considered snowmobile season, where the same trails will open for winter vehicles. You should bring options for warm covering to enjoy the trails even in the height of summer, as the higher elevations bring a chill.

Grand Lake

Two hours northwest of Denver is Grand Lake, a charming lakeside town shrouded in the lush forests of the Arapahoe National Forest. Over 130 miles of ATV/ OHV trails wind through the National Forest here, making for a scenic ride through bountiful forest flora. You’ll experience all kinds of terrain on the trails, and have the opportunity to cross streams and view waterfalls.

The four wheeling trails around Grand Lake are also well-known for the moose population, and many riders see at least one on their ride in the summer.

The forest is open for ATV trail rides in the summer season, from June 15th to September 30th.

Although the trails in the forest are carefully groomed, you will find multiple levels of difficulty, from cruising to technically challenging. If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned mudding, be sure to go out on a day after rain, and make sure to have warm dress options on longer trail rides as even in the height of summer, it will still be chilly in higher elevations.

St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is approximately 1 hour due west from Denver, and offers a unique ATV experience in that you’ll be able to circle a glacier on your ride.

The trails in this portion of the Arapahoe National Forest are early marked and offer all types of terrain and difficulty. Because of the high elevation, even in the summer four wheeler season you’ll want to dress warmly or at least bring sweaters and jackets to put on.

The trails wind through the forest trees, climbing in elevation over mountainous and rocky terrain until reaching a breathtaking peak in front of the glacier. The icy mountain cap is present year round, and seeing this natural wonder and the gorgeous views of the surrounding valley is well worth an excursion. Your trail rides up to the glacier will reveal some of the rich flora and fauna Colorado’s forests are known for.