Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the best way to stay in touch with the Grizzly Rose?

  • A: We have 6 social medias and a variety of other great ways to stay updated about the Grizzly Rose – find them all here!

Q: Tickets Are No Longer Available Online – Is there any other way to purchase them?

  • A: We always hold some tickets at the door the day of show when doors open at 6pm. Tickets are limited to one per customer. Once purchased you must enter and no re-entry is allowed. There are a limited amount so arrive early – first come first serve.

Q: What are your weekly bands?

Q: How Do I Buy Meet and Greets?

  • A: Meet and Greets are done through the artist usually as some type of fan club promotion. Please contact the artist or refer to their site for info on M&G’s.

Q: The tickets say doors at 6 pm what time does the music start?

  • A: On concert nights we do open at 6, the opening act goes on around 8:30 and the Headliner takes the stage around 10-11 pm

Q: Are there any dress code restrictions?

  • A: The only dress code restrictions we have are against wearing motor cycle club colors or representations.

Q: What are the age requirements?

  • A: OK, read carefully…
  • Sunday nights we’re open at 6 pm and we allow all ages in. Kids under 10 are free. We do serve adult beverages all night. Anyone under 18 is asked to leave by 11 pm.
  • Tuesday – Wednesday: Open to ages 21 and over. We do welcome ages 18-20 welcome for the Dance lessons until 830pm.
  • Thursday is 18 and up
  • Concert Nights are 18 and up
  • Concert Free Friday Nights are 21 and up
  • Saturday Nights are 21 and up.

Q: Can I reserve tables?

  • A: We are a General Admission Venue we don’t reserve tables.  However, we do offer a bottle service area next to the stage.  If you reserve bottle service we save you leather seating in that area.  Call to reserve bottle service 303-295-2353.

Q: How much is parkingvalet?

  • A: Parking is free and we have access to overflow parking all around the club.

Q: Do you have live music on any night other than concert nights?

  • A: Yes, we have live music 6 nights a week.  We are closed on Monday.  Live music starts around 8:30 and lasts until we close.

Q: Can we eat at the Grizzly Rose?

  • A: Yes, we have a full smokehouse grill inside our country bar.  We feature a great BBQ menu as well as local favorites.  The kitchen is open Tuesday – Thursday at 4 pm, Friday at 11am, Saturday – Sunday at 6 pm, and it stays open until 11pm normally.

Q: What Time Can I Come in for Friday Concerts?

  • A: On Friday’s the Grizzly Rose opens at 11am; however, due to the concert you will be asked to leave sometime before 6pm and re-enter with your purchased concert ticket.

Q: I lost my ID, can I get in?

  • A: Unfortunately, the Grizzly Rose requires a valid ID on all age restricted nights that prove you are 18+ or 21+. If you have lost your ID please visit the DMV to get a new or temporary approved ID. We will also accept other valid forms of ID’s such as passports.

Q: What’s going on at the Grizzly Rose Tonight?

Q: Is the Grizzly Rose hiring?

  • A: The Grizzly Rose is always looking for hard working employees that possess responsibility and are reliable to work within a western country bar. Please view all of our hiring information here.

Q: Where do I find the Grizzly Rose concert pictures?

  • A: All of the images are upload to Facebook in our Albums section which you can find here. Please allow at a week for them to be uploaded; however, they are often uploaded sooner.