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Colorado Whiskey Brands

Everyone knows that whiskey and country music go together like peanut butter and jelly, but did you know how great the distillery scene is in Colorado?  There are experts all around the state cooking up some liquids that would make any Wild West gunslinger proud. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Colorado whiskey brands.


Stranahan’s distillery is extremely proud of the fact that they’re the makers of the first Colorado-born whiskey.  The distillery is located in Denver, so it’s an easy one for locals to get to.  If you go take part in one of their tours, you’ll learn how the whole thing started from a burning barn, and you’ll get to taste some of their delicious concoctions.

Colorado Whiskey Brands

Laws Whiskey House

This is another local Denver distillery, and they are obsessed with making a small amount of high quality whiskey.  They aren’t interested in making simple drinks that will appeal to the masses, and they just want to create whiskey the way it should be.  You can take a tour of their distillery, and they’ll make sure you leave fully educated about the distilling process.

Leopold Bros.

Another fine distillery in Denver, but this one doesn’t totally limit itself to whiskey.  They make a whole assortment including whiskey, gin, vodka, liqueurs, fernet, absinthe, and more.  But the diverse selection doesn’t lead to any sacrifice in quality – they just like to have a lot of options.  Not only do they offer tours of the distillery, but they also have cocktail workshops.

Boulder Distillery

If you head up the road to Boulder, you can find another great distillery.  They started making vodka from an old family recipe that immigrated with the founder’s grandfather, but they quickly realized their life wasn’t complete without making whiskey, too.  They’re currently moving to a new location, but tours should start again soon.


Downslope is down the road in Centennial, and it’s another one that has a few different types of spirits on the menu.  Some of their drinks are even pre-mixed into cocktails, so they make life easy for you.  If you want to feel a little more challenged, then you can take a step up from the standard tour and enroll in a distilling course and workshop.

Colorado Whiskey Distillers
Breckenridge Distillery

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out where this distillery is located, and their whiskey starts its life as snow.  They get the ingredients for their different spirits from local sources whenever possible, but they’re not afraid to import a few barrels from Kentucky.  Tours are offered in the distillery, but you can also pop into the tasting room downtown for a faster experience.

Peach Street Distillers

When you’re ready to head west, don’t forget to stop into Peach Street Distillers in Palisade.  The ingredients that go into their spirits are unique because of the Colorado desert valley in which they grow, and you taste it in the drinks.  They’re proud of the fact that they embrace the small-town life, and they’ll welcome you in their tasting room like family.

Golden Moon Distillery

Golden Moon is located in Golden, and they call their brown stuff “Gun Fighter Bourbon Whiskey.”  One of the biggest points of pride in this distillery is that the owner has a world-class research library of books about distilling.  He can prove that he has access to pretty much all of the knowledge there is, and you can taste the history.

Spirit Hound Distillers

This distillery in Lyons built their equipment around the goal of making the most pure and flavorful whiskey they could.  Their location in the foothills inspire them to follow the boldness of the west, so it’s worth the trip to any whiskey fan.

Colorado WhiskeyDancing Pines Distillery

If you head up to this distillery in Loveland, be prepared to fall into their relaxed way of enjoying life.  They named their company after the way they saw pine trees dancing in a snowstorm, and the experience helped them realize that there’s always peace in our scary world.  However, they go all out on their craftsmanship, so they produce some mighty fine whiskey.

Woody Creek Distillers

This mountain distillery is located in Basalt, and they really live off the land with their ingredients. If your quest was for vodka instead of whiskey, you’d be drinking something from potatoes they grew themselves.  But, they put hard work into all their drinks, and that’s the same attitude that grew the Wild West.

Woods High Mountain Distillery

Two brothers founded this distillery, and they were motivated by their love of outdoor adventures in the mountains of Colorado.  If you make a trip to their distillery, you can set your eyes on beautiful “Ashley.”  That’s the name that they gave to the antique German pot still that’s still going strong even after working since the 1880s.  With that kind of equipment, you just know the whiskey is great.

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