Behind The Rose: Press Release

New “Behind the Rose” Podcast Launched

New series features intimate interviews with country artists at Denver’s world famous Grizzly Rose

[Listen to all the new interviews here! ]

(Denver, CO) Country music fans now have a new way to get to know their favorite artists as Flying Penguin Productions today announced the launch of the “Behind the Rose” podcast series.

“Behind the Rose” is hosted and produced by long-time country radio Program Director and talent Eddie Haskell in partnership with Executive Producer Nate Lundy, whose Flying Penguin Productions is overseeing the distribution and sales efforts.

“ Country artists are the best storytellers, “ said Haskell. “I look forward to sharing those stories that go beyond the three minute radio interview. Playing the Grizzly Rose is a rite of passage and nearly every country star has or will. Our goal is to talk to them all – Behind the Rose.”

Based on a concept created by Lundy, the podcast series is designed to go beyond the typical radio interview with artists and provide a more intimate, in depth, extended conversation that allows fans to truly get to know their favorite artists.

“There is so much more to each of these artists than we can discover in just a three minute song or a quick sound bite on a radio show,” said Lundy. “What Eddie and I wanted to created was something that allowed fans to really get to know the artists including the stories of their lives and their songs.”

Opened in 1989, The Grizzly Rose has long been considered one of the great honky tonks in the world. The 40,000 square foot venue has hosted some of the biggest names in country music, including Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Waylon Jennings and countless others.

“I am thrilled that music fans will get a chance to experience the stories from ‘Behind the Rose’,” said Grizzly Rose owner Scott Durland. “Eddie and Nate are the perfect partners for us and we’re excited to give fans locally and around the country this exclusive access to their favorite signers and bands.”

“Behind the Rose” has launched with three initial episodes, including Chase Bryant, Eli Young Band, and Kelsea Ballerini. Fans can find the podcast on iTunes,, and


Nathan Dean Grizzly Rose

An Interview with Nathan Dean & The Damn Band

We had the pleasure of hosting Nathan Dean & The Damn Band for our New Years Eve show last year, which was a really fun time! These guys have been playing at the Rose for years and always put on a roaring good time, so we decided to ask them a few questions to get to know the band a little better.

Tell us about the NYE show at the Rose. How did you enjoy the night and what was your favorite part of the show?

It was our first time playing at The Rose for NYE and the crowd did not disappoint! We had a blast from start to finish and when the clock struck midnight it was fun watching the mad dash for cash from the stage.

You’ve played at the Rose many times before. When was your first show with us?

We first started playing at the Grizzly Rose in June of 2008.

How did you guys all meet and start playing music together?

I met Bill on a Nashville craigslist ad when I was looking for a drummer to go on the road full time back in 2008. I met Jason and Nick on the road. They were both playing in other bands at the time. Over the years lineups and situations changed for those bands so I was able to get them to come and play with me.

Nathan Dean Grizzly Rose Show

Who are your top 3 favorite country artists out there at the moment
(besides yourselves)?

  1. Stoney Larue
  2. Eric Church
  3. Randy Rogers

What about other genres? Do you guys listen to other genres of music,
and if so who are some of your favorites?

We all listen to pretty much every type of music. Everything from Pink Floyd to Motley Crue to the Gaithers to Snoop Dogg.

If you had to pick a ‘favorite show you ever played’ whether it was when you were just starting out or if it was recently, is there a specific one that sticks out?

One of my favorites was opening for Diamond Rio when I first started in a theatre in AZ. But, more recently the shows when we opened for Cody Johnson, Randy Rogers and David Nail at the Rose were all incredible nights.

Nathan Dean Damn Band Grizzly Rose

Which song are you most proud of that you’ve written?

I’m proud of most all of the songs that I’ve written. I don’t think I could pick just one. I could narrow it down to ‘Lonely Bed’ from the Addicted to a Good Time Album. And ‘From Me to You’ that will be on our upcoming album.

When you guys aren’t touring the country playing music, what do you like to do?

When aren’t we touring the country playing music? LOL… A couple of us like to golf. We also like hiking and other outdoor activities.

What’s the best part about being a musician?

I think the best part is getting to do what you love and seeing people enjoy listening to your music.

What is the most difficult part about being a musician?

Being on the road for long stretches at a time is probably the most difficult.

Best Fishing Near Denver

Best Fishing Near Denver

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with the guys and cracking open a couple of nice cold beers over a bit of fishing. Sometimes, one of the biggest problems is finding the right spot for your tastes. Looking for that quiet, undisturbed spot with all of the biggest catches? Or perhaps you don’t mind the crowds and just want somewhere close to town and convenient to get to? We’ve compiled a list of the best fishing near Denver to help you find the best place suited to your own needs.

1. Cherry Creek Reservoir, Aurora

Fishing Cherry Creek Resevoir

  • Fish: Walleye, Wipers, Crappie, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Largemouth Bass
  • Distance From Denver: 19 Miles

Found within the Cherry Creek state park, the size of this lake and it’s location in the middle of the park make for some of the best fishing spots available. Because it is one of the most well known and popular fishing locations in Denver, you’ll be sure to see many other anglers there to try and catch a bite. Despite this there’s still plenty of opportunity to find and claim a good peaceful spot of your own if you are willing to walk around for a bit first.

Click Here for Directions

2. Sloan’s Lake

Sloans Lake Fishing

  • Fish: Northern Pike, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Distance From Denver: 4 Miles

A popular spot for recreational activities of all types, Sloan’s lake is surrounded by a number of popular restaurants for a bite to eat before or after a long day of fishing. While being smack dab in the middle of an urban environment means that it’s not densely packed with large fish, it also means that this spot is incredibly convenient and accessible.

Click Here for Directions

3. Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood

Bear Creek Fishing

  • Fish: Trout, Bass, Bluegill, Perch
  • Distance From Denver: 19.6 Miles

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in Denver without going too far from home? Bear Creek Lake Park straddles the outer edges of the city, being just far enough to make the perfect fishing retreat without being too far away.

Click Here for Directions

4. Grand Lake, Granby

Grand Lake Fishing

  • Fish: Kokanee, Mackinaw, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout
  • Distance From Denver: 102 Miles

Those looking for a true get away should give Grand Lake some consideration. Nestled in the heart of the famous Colorado Rocky Mountains, Grand Lake is perfect for a multi-day trip. Rent a cabin and head on down with the guys to enjoy some peace and hopefully land a few catches.

Click Here for Directions

5. Westminster City Park Pond

Westminister City Park

  • Fish: Bluegill, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish
  • Distance From Denver: 14.2 Miles

The best spots often don’t remain a secret for long- locations with optimal conditions and a variety of fish often inevitably end up seeing higher traffic. Westminster City Park Pond for whatever reason is an exception to this rule however, as the traffic here never gets too out of hand despite it’s amazing fishing conditions.

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6. Cheesman Lake, Sedalia

Fishing Cheesman Lake Colorado

  • Fish: Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Sucker, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass
  • Distance From Denver: 83 Miles

Despite having undergone some serious damage in the past on behalf of a fire, restoration efforts have made this park once again a lively and beautiful fishing location.

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7.Chipeta Lake, Montrose

Chipeta Lake Fishing Colorado

  • Fish: Trout, Sunfish, Bass, Catfish
  • Distance From Denver: 299 Miles

One of the furthest spots on this list is Chipeta Lake, located right at the base of the San Juan mountains. While not the biggest lake, Chipeta still sports a varied selection of fish available to catch. It’s relatively low elevation compared to some of the other mountain parks makes it easy to reach by car.

Click Here for Directions

8. Corn Lake, Grand Junction

Corn Lake Fishing Colorado

  • Fish: Bass, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Crappie
  • Distance From Denver: 240 Miles

Sometimes it’s all about the amenities. Corn lake has plenty of fishing spots with nearby picnic and hiking areas. This means you can settle down and get to fishing while allowing the rest of the family to set-up nearby. Looking for clean and well stocked bathrooms? Corn Lake’s also got you covered there as well.

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9. Georgetown Lake, Georgetown

Fishing Georgetown Lake Colorado

  • Fish: Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout
  • Distance From Denver: 43 Miles

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, you’ll find Georgetown Lake to be a popular fishing location all year round. While lively and energetic during the Spring as one would expect, once Winter rolls around ice fishing keeps the lake as interesting and full of potential as it was during warmer seasons.

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10. Waterton Canyon

Waterton Canyon Fishing

  • Fish: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout
    Distance From Denver: 39 Miles

While not a lake like the other entries, Waterton Canyon is still a fantastic spot absolutely rife with aquatic wildlife. Those looking for running water will find what they’re looking for here. The hiking trail which runs along the canyon also makes this location a great choice to get in a walk among the beautiful scenery on your way out.

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Cowboy Boot History

Cowboy Boot History

The cowboy boot is more than just a shoe.  It’s part of a lifestyle, and it’s one of the key pieces of clothing that transform a person into something new.  Even with a horse, a cowboy hat, a six-shooter, a lasso, and a dusty street at high noon, no cowboy would be complete without the boots. That goes the same for a country music fan.  Try going out dancing or hitting a concert without your favorite boots.  It just wouldn’t work.

But, what’s the history behind cowboy boots?

Riding Boots Aren’t New

First off, the concept of having special footwear to wear while on the back of a horse isn’t anything new.  Some sort of equestrian boots have been around for hundreds of years.  They have been very different in every culture, but they usually managed to be unique and distinct.

What Makes a Modern Cowboy Boot

There are a few rules that are needed before something qualifies as a cowboy boot, and each feature was given for a reason.  They always have a rounded to pointed toe, and this helps the foot to get into the stirrup.  Next, they have a Cuban heel (the fancy name for the big heel on the back), and it’s there to give the boot an easier hold in the stirrup.  They never have laces because those only serve to catch on things and cause harm to the wearer.  A real cowboy pulls on his boots.  Also, they have a high shaft, and this means that they go pretty far up the leg.  Finally, they’re made from tough material, usually leather, to protect the wearer from stirrups, horses, snakes, barbed wire, and other nasty things.

Hessian Boots

Hessian Boots

And Now, the Roper Boot

The story continues into today with the more modern roper boot.  Our rodeos have more demands on the cowboys, and the biggest is that they often have to run on foot, not just on a horse.  This led to the creation roper boot, and it solves that problem by having a lower heel and not going as high up the leg.

The Inventor of the Cowboy Boot

No one really knows who made the first pair.  But, with all the different types in the evolution of the boot, maybe there wasn’t a true first pair.  Some rumors say the original was in Texas or Kansas, and that’s likely because of the location, but it’s impossible to prove.

Descendant of the Hessian Boot

Another boot that had a big influence was the Hessian boot.  This was a popular part of the cavalry uniforms during the big military period in Europe in the 19th century.  These boots had a rounded toe and slight heel, so they weren’t as extreme as cowboy boots.  But, they reached nearly to the knee to really protect the rider.

Wellington Boot

Wellington Boot

Next Came the Wellington

Wellington boots are still around as those clunky, rubber monsters that people wear when splashing through puddles, but they’re different from the original version.  They were named by an English nobleman, the Duke of Wellington, who decided to modify his Hessian’s.  Basically, they made them a little softer and significantly cut down length of the side.  This made them more comfortable and fashionable, so they weren’t unbearable to wear around during city life.

Influence by the Spanish Vaqueros

The closest ancestor of the cowboy boot was the footwear worn by the Spanish vaqueros.  These were basically cowboys from Spain, and they were around before the Wild West grew up.  They came into Mexico and Texas to herd cattle, and a lot of their traditions and methods spread north.  They wore some footwear similar to the cowboy boot.

Needed to be Affordable

One issue with making cowboy boots is that they had to be able to be sold at a fairly cheap price. Equestrian boots for militaries and high-class riding competitions could be more expensive because the buyers had deeper pockets.  But, the cowboys were farmers and country folk, so they generally had a tighter budget.  So, a big influence on the design was they had to be strong and sturdy, but for the least amount of money possible.

Cowboy Boot HistoryEven Hollywood Had a Hand in It

By the 1930s and 1940s, the Wild West had died out, but Hollywood was resurrecting it in the form of Western movies.  However, they really didn’t value functionality as much as they did appearance, and they started making costumes a lot more colorful and noticeable.  They wanted things like bright leather and patterns of flowers stitched on the outside.  It’s more than likely that a few old gunslingers were rolling over in their graves as they realized they were being portrayed with such flashy footwear.

Function vs. Beauty

Today, real cowboys still wear their boots, but they’ve become an icon for many others.  The debate between having a practical boot or a fancy pair will never end, but the best solution is probably just to get multiple pairs.  How many do you have?

Be honest…

Gruene Hall Kevin Fowler

Happy Places, Naps and Mexican Beer: An Interview with Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler is an iconic Texas Country musician who we are extremely excited to welcome back to the Grizzly Rose. We had a fruitful conversation with Kevin over the phone while he was on his way to his happy place. From sushi to pre-show naps to Mexican beer we covered a range of topics to learn more about this man.

If you still haven’t bought tickets you definitely should. Kevin puts on a really energetic and fun show!

Talking About the Grizzly Rose….

Any fans reading this interview right now give themselves a pat on the back, because the way Kevin shared his affection of our venue is largely because of you! Kevin calls the Grizzly Rose ‘A Little Piece of Texas in the Rocky Mountains’ and even referred to it as the ‘Gruene Hall of the West.’ Anyone who knows a little bit about country venues in Texas should be proud of that, especially coming from Kevin Fowler. The way he described the Rose is a place where real people like to go and have a good time. They dance, drink beer, and enjoy music, not like a big, plastic venue where people are just spectators to a show.

We also had the chance to ask him what his favorite venue was either in Texas or otherwise. He couldn’t really choose one as there were so many he liked, but like the Rose he said he much prefers the more intimate dancehalls that have a real country, honky-tonk vibe. He likes when there’s people right up in his face when he’s performing, drinking beer and having fun.

Gruene Hall Kevin Fowler

On the Subject of Beer…

Kevin proclaims to have quite possibly the most songs about beer than any artist out there. That’s a fair assessment and clearly it’s a subject in which he’s passionate about, not just for himself, but also for his friends and fans. We had to ask Kevin what his favorite beer is and he had quite a good answer to this question. He said is favorite beer is…. Cold and Free!

He also said he’s become quite fond of some Mexican beers from time to time. He said they are much easier to get in the border states like Texas, but they go down well!

Kevin Fowler Beer

Where is Kevin Fowler’s Happy Place?

Many artists we’ve talked to have a ‘happy place’ where they like to relax when they are not on tour. We inquired with Kevin about where his was and coincidentally he was on his way to it as we spoke! Kevin owns a ranch outside Austin where whenever he goes he likes to leave the stress outside. He likes to drink beer, hangout with his deer he has on the property, and relax with family and friends. While many people choose to collect things like guitars, Kevin collects something a bit different at his ranch. He loves old structures! From log cabins, to farmhouses, to barns he has bought old structure and set them up on his ranch property. He hosts weddings and other events there, if you’re interested you can check them out on his Rustic Ranch Texas Website.

Rustic Ranch Texas

What is his Pre-Show Ritual?

Whether it’s a certain meal or routine of actions, many artists create pre-show rituals for good luck or just out of habit. We asked Kevin if he had one and it was a bit different than we expected. For this beer drinking, hooting and hollering, Texas Country Star, what he likes to do before each show is… take a nap.

While this might not be what you we’re expecting, it makes sense. He likes to save as much energy as possible for his shows to share with his fans. If pre-show naps are what make his shows so fun and energized then we are all for it!

What’s Different About Texas Country Music?

The sub-genre of Texas Country has spread all over the USA and has become very popular. As Kevin Fowler is synonymous with this style of music we asked for his two cents on why it’s different than country music as a whole. For Kevin, the primary difference is that Texas Country is more personal. The objective is to create a close relationship between the fans and the artists. He also said the Texas Country scene is a very tight knit community. All the artists are on a group text together and friends both inside and outside of music. In his opinion Texas Country is a bit more honest than a lot of other genres of music. There’s no smoke and mirrors of artists trying to portray something they are not, it’s more of a what you see is what you get.

Fish and Kevin Fowler

What’s his Favorite Song that he’s Written?

Kevin had a hard time choosing which song he thinks is the best he’s ever written. He likes to perform a lot of his songs and there are many fan favorites. If he was hard-pressed to choose he would probably say ‘Long Line of Losers‘ or one of his many songs about beer. He said that his songs are like his children. It’s very difficult to pick a favorite!

How did Kevin Get Started in Music?

Kevin Fowler was a self-proclaimed band geek up through high school. He took business classes in College, but always continued to play music on the side. At some point during his eduction he came to the realization that he would rather be broke and doing what he loves, than be riche doing what he hates. It took him nearly a decade to earn a single penny from playing music and he spent long hours working side jobs to fuel his passion to play music.

When he envisioned being a country musician he thought it was going to be all about playing songs, drinking beer, and having fun. Once he started to get deeper into it he came to the hard realization that it’s actually a ton of hard work and long hours. He found out the hard way that the life of a musician is not an easy lifestyle. He often struggles with juggling family life and road life. He said many professional musicians have relationships that end in divorce and he understand how it could happen. He often wishes he could spend more time with his wife and daughters.

Kevin Fowler Family

Sushi isn’t Country.

We always want to try and find out something new about artists when we get a chance to interview them. While we didn’t break the news by any means, Kevin told us that one thing most people didn’t realize about him is that he loves Sushi. He said after a recent Facebook post of his Sushi dinner he got a lot of backlash from true country fans who said Sushi isn’t part of the country lifestyle. While this is probably true, Kevin doesn’t seem to mind…

Kevin Fowler Sushi






Denver Western Wear

Top Western Wear Stores in Denver

From the cowboy boot to the ten gallon hat, the iconic trappings of Western apparel were shaped by the day to day needs of the frontier lifestyle. Even now, Western apparel is about more than just style, it’s about practicality and durability. This cowboy style is still alive Colorado with plenty of establishments dedicated to Western apparel to be found in Denver and beyond.

Denver Western Wear


Location: 14100 E 35th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011
Selection: Boots, Workwear, Men and Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Ranch Gear
Price Range: Affordable

The name says it all- Roper is a true cowboy’s brand. While you don’t have to work on a ranch in order to wear their fine selection of rugged western clothing, you can rest assured that Roper is the real deal. They understand the unique needs of the hardworking ranch hand.

Grizzly Rose Gear

Location: 5450 N Valley Hwy, Denver, CO 80216
Selection: Country Music Merchandise
Price Range: Affordable

In addition to live music and line dancing, the Grizzly Rose concert hall also is home to a fine selection of western themed apparel. Pick up some Grizzly Rose merchandise and show off to your friends.

Boot Barn

Location: 4 Locations

  • 8500 E Orchard Rd. Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • 6360 S Parker Rd. Aurora, CO 80016
  • 10300 Bannock St. Northglenn, CO 80260
  • 14384 Lincoln St. Thornton, CO 80023

Selection: Boots, Workwear, Men and Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Ranch Gear
Price Range: Varies

Boot Barn is a part of a larger chain franchise also found throughout California and Texas. While connoisseurs of local mom and pop places might be turned off by this, the trade off is that Boot Barn sports a larger selection of inventory that is shared across stores. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for at the time of your visit, you can always have them order it from one of their other stores.

Denver Western Clothes

Panhandle Slim Western Wear

Location: 451 E 58th Ave. Denver, CO 80216
Selection: Men and Women’s Apparel, Accessories
Price Range: Varies

The gear of choice for rodeo enthusiasts, this brand has been worn by champion barrel racers, bull riders, and tie down ropers. Mixing comfort with performance, Panhandle brand western apparel won’t let the fashion get in the way of the function.

Rockmount Ranch Wear

Location: 1626 Wazee St. Denver, CO 80202
Selection: Boots, Workwear, Men and Women’s Apparel, Accessories
Price Range: Varies

The legacy of this brand can be seen still to this day, with many modern staples of Western apparel such as snap buttons having been first pioneered by Rockmount. Their timeless designs have been present in popular media such as movies and television shows for about as long as the brand has been around.

El Forastero

Location: 2 Locations

  • 8346 Northfield Blvd #1415, Denver, CO 80238
  • 4391 N Federal Blvd Unit B, Denver, CO 80211

Selection: Boots, Accessories
Price Range: High-End

Many of the ranchers and farmers that settled the West were Mexican or of Mexican descent. Because of this, the culture and aesthetic of Western apparel has been greatly influenced by the stylings of classic Mexican apparel. The brands found at El Forastero are beautiful examples of this fusion style as they are designed by Mexican artisans.

Denver Cowboy Hats

Hill Brothers Boots

Location: 1901 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, USA
Selection: Men’s Boots, Workwear
Price Range: Affordable

Locally owned and operated, the personalized touch and great service found at Hill Brothers makes them stand out. Whether you’re not sure what you’re looking for or you’ve got just the thing in mind, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Hill Bros will help you find what you’re looking for. It must be noted though that while their selection is wide and varied, they only carry men’s boots.

Botas Lucero

Location: 1550 S Federal Blvd # E, Denver, CO 80219
Selection: Cowboy Boots
Price Range: High-End

The most iconic and recognizable piece of western apparel is of course the cowboy boot. A good boot can last years and will provide support and comfort through even some of the most rigorous conditions. Because of this, it pays to not skimp when it comes to high quality boots.

Goldmine Vintage

Location: 227 N Broadway Ste 102, Denver, CO 80203
Selection: Secondhand Apparel, Authentic Vintage Clothing, Country Music LPs
Price Range: Affordable

Looking for more unusual finds? Then head on down to Goldmine Vintage and spend the day digging through a treasure trove of rare and unique collector’s items and apparel. There is no knowing just what might turn up among Goldmine’s eclectic stock.

Interview with Blackhawk

We’re amped for our upcoming show with Blackhawk! If you haven’t bought tickets yet, now is you last chance, follow the link below.


How Do You Find Playing at the Grizzly Rose?

The Grizzly Rose is an iconic venue and always a pleasure to play. The faithful Denver BH fans are always very supportive.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Blackhawk’?

There really not much of a story. It’s a name that was seen on the side of a truck and the idea occurred to us to name the band that.

You guys have had a very successful career in country music spanning over two decades and selling millions of albums. What is the single most important lesson you’ve learned about music and/or life from your experiences so far?

Well my career spans 40 plus years and I’ve grown to understand the value of our fans and have enjoyed them on a more personal level now that the hustle has quieted down a little.

How did the passing of Van Stephenson impact you on a personal and professional level?

Well it was a shocker to lose Van and aside from the loss his family and friends felt, it had a very profound impact on the creative dynamic of the group. We’ve been able to survive it, but the magical vocal blend and songwriting personality was forever changed.

Tell us about how the country music (or music industry in general) has changed since you first started performing?

For us it’s become more of a cottage industry that we have complete control of. Both from a creative and business standpoint. It’s liberating, but at the same time requires a great deal of day to day involvement.

Is there a single show that sticks out in your minds as your favorite of your entire career?

No not really. There are some that are more memorable like the Outlaws playing in Central Park NYC 1975 in front of over a hundred thousand people and broadcast live to another 2 or 3 million. In the case of BH Farm Aid in Louisville in 1996 was memorable. All shows have a very similar theme and the feeling they inspire is constantly rewarding.

Blackhawk Country Interview

If you could go on tour with any band in any genre for a summer, who would it be and why?

I think one person I’d like to share the stage with is John Mellencamp.

Who are some of your favorite people/groups you’ve toured with in the past?

I think in the case of BH early tours with Suzy Bogguss and Hal Ketchum were fun. The tour that helped launch the group was with Tim McGraw and Little Texas.

What are you guys doing when you aren’t playing music?

Writing it and recording it……

Tell us something about you guys that most people wouldn’t expect?

There’s not much smoke and mirrors with BH. What you see is what you get…..

Grizzly Rose Sam Riggs

Interview with Sam Riggs

Grizzly Rose Sam Riggs

How was your show at the Grizzly Rose?

This was my 3rd time headlining the Grizzly Rose! My guys and I absolutely love it here. The venue is top notch and the staff is amazing. They’ve got great food as well!

When did playing music first spark you interest?

I started playing music when I was just a little kid. My mom would play guitar and sing to my brother and I every night. That sewed the seed of music in my heart.

Tell us about the transition from Florida to Austin, TX when you were a teenager.

I moved from St. Cloud, FL to Austin, TX when I was 18 years old. I was chasing after a music career and Austin, Texas is a stellar music town. It was scary and crazy at times. I lived in a trailer in the woods way outside of town. I learned a lot about what I was made of in those days.

Sam Riggs Grizzly Rose Concert

How did you meet Ray Wylie Hubbard and what kind of impact did he have on your country music career?

I met Ray through Judy, his wife. They’re wonderful people. Ray taught me a ton about songwriting, and they both taught me a lot about the music business in general. I probably wouldn’t be as far along as I am without them!

We’ve heard that you had to sell all your possessions to finance ‘Lighthouse’ your seconded extended play. How confident were you that this would lead to bigger things when you decided to take that risk?

It was a complete leap of faith. I was gambling everything on my willingness to work harder than anyone else. It’s worked so far! Lol.

After ‘Outrun the Sun’ was released, positive things started happening quickly for you. What was the moment where you realized that being a country music star was no longer a dream, but a reality?

I think it really started to sink in that this was working when when places like Rolling Stone Magazine started calling and asking to do interviews. It was pretty wild… Suddenly the press was all over it out of nowhere. My manager at the time and I were scrambling to stay on top of it!

Sam Riggs Denver Grizzly Rose

What is your favorite song that you have created in your career so far and why?

There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I’m really proud of. Songs like Change, and The Lucky Ones are two that stick out at the moment. They capture such an important aspect of our lives that so many people graze over in music these days. I love them.

Where’s your favorite place to play? Whether it’s a city or a specific venue.

The Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO.

Why did you decided to release your second album on your own label and what was your experience like using Kickstarter to crowd-fund it?

I wanted to make the record and release on my own terms. It was a huge success for us, but there were several times when I wondered if I was in over my head. Just gotta keep working! It’s paid off ten-fold being able to call the shots. Kickstarter was amazing- being able to include the fans in the process at that level was the ultimate experience.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of music? What do you like to do and how do you typically spend your free time?

Outside of music I tend to be a little bit of an adventure/adrenaline junky. I’m a pilot, so I fly in the backcountry quite a bit. I also love backpacking, rock climbing, and camping. I’m definitely an outdoors guy.

Colorado Country Musicians

Country Singers from Colorado

When people think of country music, they might picture a boots and cowboy hat-wearing singer gracing the stage somewhere down south. But it would be wrong to exclude other country artists who come from other states, including Colorado. The rugged beauty of Colorado’s vast landscapes has inspired several artists in the country music universe. The following country singers were either born or spent a large part of their lives in Colorado.

John Denver

Colorado Country Musicians

John Denver’s 1972 hit “Rocky Mountain High” became one of Colorado’s two official state songs in 2007.

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., better known by his stage name John Denver, is probably the most famous country musician associated with the state of Colorado. Denver was born in Roswell, New Mexico, to Air Force pilot Captain Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr. He began playing guitar at the age of 11, when his grandmother bought him an acoustic guitar. After the success of his 1972 album Rocky Mountain High and its title track, which hit the Top Ten in 1973, Denver purchased a residence in Aspen, where he lived continuously until his death. On October 12, 1997, Denver died after the plane he was piloting crashed due to a malfunction with its fuel tanks.

Beau David

Beau David was one of the men of color to change the face of country music, and he was a founding member of the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

Newrise Battle, known by his stage name Beau David, was born in 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began singing early in his life, and he took his talent with him when he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1955. When he was stationed in Germany, his rendition of the song “16 Tons” won him the Air Force Tops in Blues Award. He formed his first band, The Intrigues, while he was stationed in Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. He played with the band for four years until his retirement from the Air Force after serving 20 years in 1975. He moved to Colorado that same year, performing solo six nights a week while he studied at the University of Northern Colorado.

He later formed a new band, “The Day Drinkers,” that played in the Denver area, where the locals referred to him as Beau David. His work was influenced by folk, flamenco, country, and blues music, but his favorite was country music. In 2005, David was inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame. Sadly, he passed away five years later at the age of 73. He is remembered for his legacy of being one of the men of color to change the face of country music, as well as his role as a founding member of the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

Lannie Garrett

Lannie Garrett is a singer/entertainer whose talents encompass singing, acting, and comedy.

Garrett is a high-profile entertainer, having worked with big names like B.B. King, Bill Cosby, and Jay Leno. She’s no stranger to Colorado, as she has performed with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall and Red Rocks Amphitheater. Lannie’s connection to country music comes from her famous Patsy DeCline show, a performance that spoofs country music. On the show’s wide appeal, Annie explains: “If you really like country music, the band is a really good country band. And if you really don’t like country music, the show is funny enough and goofy enough that it doesn’t matter that it’s country.” Garrett won the title of Denver Post’s Favorite Female Vocalist several years running, and both the readers of 5280 Magazine and OutFront voted Garrett their favorite singer. She was inducted into the Colorado Country Hall of Fame in 2010.

Audy Baldridge

His love of country music is rooted in the broad range of places he has performed and all of the wonderful people he has met.” — Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame

Audy Baldridge was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He entered the U.S. Navy at age 20 and later graduated from the Oklahoma State University of Technical Training in 1960. He has a wife, Joan, four children, and several grandchildren. Baldridge later moved to Colorado and is now a 34-year resident of the state. Baldridge, who has played country music his entire life, is a founding member of The Red River Band and has enjoyed playing in the group for over 17 years; even to this day, Baldridge continues to play with the group, not intending to slow down anytime soon. He was inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008.

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Interview with Little Texas

We’re very excited for our upcoming show with Little Texas this Friday. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you can buy tickets here. We had the opportunity to do an interview with the band to learn a bit more about their lives as musicians.

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When did you first play at the Grizzly Rose and what do you think of our venue?

Boy, have we played the Grizzly Rose! Our time there goes all the way back to 1989 when we would go through Denver working our way across the country. We would do 5 sets a night, 4 nights a week. We would ski all day sometimes and play all night. Had a ball. In 1992, The Nashville Network celebrated the release of our first album with their very first live concert broadcast from there as well. That special aired a gazillion times over the course of that year.

Little Texas has been gracing the ears of country music fans for over 25 years. How has the country music scene changed since when you first got into the game in the early 90s?

The easiest answer would be, “How has it not changed?” Everything is different, from the way records are made, to the way people listen to those records, everything. Technology and the internet has changed every aspect of the way the music industry does business.

How did you all meet each other and start playing music together?

Porter and I both grew up in Longview, TX, and started playing together in high school. We both moved to Nashville to attend Belmont College (now Belmont University) and while there did a season at Opryland. We met Dwayne O’Brien and Tim Rushlow there and put a band together to work after the season ended. One of our college buddies was working in A&R at Warner Bros. and showed some interest in doing a project with us. Soon after, we met Del Gray and Brady Seals while out on the road and that fleshed out the band.

Your music has been featured on TV programs, commercials, and other media spots. What’s the most random program that has featured one of your songs and how did that come about?

I honestly have no idea. God Blessed Texas shows up all over the place, and usually there’s a musical director that picks out the songs. We really have no input on the process.

You guys have had a long, successful career as musicians. Looking back, what’s the one thing you are the most proud of accomplishing?

Creating music that still holds up against everything that’s out there today. When we started out, we wanted to create music that was timeless, like the Eagles stuff. We were fortunate to lock on to a handful of those kinds of songs and you can still hear them on mainstream radio even 25 years later. Little Texas Interview Grizzly Rose

You’ve toured with a variety of different artists. Who were some of your favorite artists to tour with and why?

We did a year long tour with Travis Tritt and Trisha Yearwood eons ago, and had an absolute blast. We were all friends before any of us hit, so it was a natural combination. All three acts really enjoyed one another.

What are the top 3 favorite shows you ever played? What was the venue and why was it so special?

One was at the Target Center in Minneapolis where we sold the place out 360 just 3 days after the Eagles were there. Of course Fiddler’s Green was always a favorite – their steaks were absolutely to die for! And playing a sold out Cotton Bowl show with Clint Black during the Texas State Fair was heaven for us Texas boys.

Who is Little Texas listening to at the moment? Do you mostly listen to country music or do you dabble in other genres as well?

Everyone listens to different stuff, so you’d have to ask them. I personally gravitate to classic rock, 70’s & 80’s country and talk radio.

What is your favorite song to play live in front of an audience?

We have a new one that we haven’t even recorded that we’ve put into the show called “Bullet From A Gun” that we’re having a lot of fun with. But “God Blessed Texas” and “Kick A Little” are always great because of the crowd reactions.

Tell us something about you guys as a band that most people would find surprising and would not expect?

Since we’ve never really made any noise about it, most folks don’t know that we were finalists on Star Search ’90. Ed McMahon loved us and came out to see us in Vegas one night. He sang the blues with us for what seemed like 2 hours…