Nathan Dean Grizzly Rose

An Interview with Nathan Dean & The Damn Band

We had the pleasure of hosting Nathan Dean & The Damn Band for our New Years Eve show last year, which was a really fun time! These guys have been playing at the Rose for years and always put on a roaring good time, so we decided to ask them a few questions to get to know the band a little better.

Tell us about the NYE show at the Rose. How did you enjoy the night and what was your favorite part of the show?

It was our first time playing at The Rose for NYE and the crowd did not disappoint! We had a blast from start to finish and when the clock struck midnight it was fun watching the mad dash for cash from the stage.

You’ve played at the Rose many times before. When was your first show with us?

We first started playing at the Grizzly Rose in June of 2008.

How did you guys all meet and start playing music together?

I met Bill on a Nashville craigslist ad when I was looking for a drummer to go on the road full time back in 2008. I met Jason and Nick on the road. They were both playing in other bands at the time. Over the years lineups and situations changed for those bands so I was able to get them to come and play with me.

Nathan Dean Grizzly Rose Show

Who are your top 3 favorite country artists out there at the moment
(besides yourselves)?

  1. Stoney Larue
  2. Eric Church
  3. Randy Rogers

What about other genres? Do you guys listen to other genres of music,
and if so who are some of your favorites?

We all listen to pretty much every type of music. Everything from Pink Floyd to Motley Crue to the Gaithers to Snoop Dogg.

If you had to pick a ‘favorite show you ever played’ whether it was when you were just starting out or if it was recently, is there a specific one that sticks out?

One of my favorites was opening for Diamond Rio when I first started in a theatre in AZ. But, more recently the shows when we opened for Cody Johnson, Randy Rogers and David Nail at the Rose were all incredible nights.

Nathan Dean Damn Band Grizzly Rose

Which song are you most proud of that you’ve written?

I’m proud of most all of the songs that I’ve written. I don’t think I could pick just one. I could narrow it down to ‘Lonely Bed’ from the Addicted to a Good Time Album. And ‘From Me to You’ that will be on our upcoming album.

When you guys aren’t touring the country playing music, what do you like to do?

When aren’t we touring the country playing music? LOL… A couple of us like to golf. We also like hiking and other outdoor activities.

What’s the best part about being a musician?

I think the best part is getting to do what you love and seeing people enjoy listening to your music.

What is the most difficult part about being a musician?

Being on the road for long stretches at a time is probably the most difficult.

Gruene Hall Kevin Fowler

Happy Places, Naps and Mexican Beer: An Interview with Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler is an iconic Texas Country musician who we are extremely excited to welcome back to the Grizzly Rose. We had a fruitful conversation with Kevin over the phone while he was on his way to his happy place. From sushi to pre-show naps to Mexican beer we covered a range of topics to learn more about this man.

If you still haven’t bought tickets you definitely should. Kevin puts on a really energetic and fun show!

Talking About the Grizzly Rose….

Any fans reading this interview right now give themselves a pat on the back, because the way Kevin shared his affection of our venue is largely because of you! Kevin calls the Grizzly Rose ‘A Little Piece of Texas in the Rocky Mountains’ and even referred to it as the ‘Gruene Hall of the West.’ Anyone who knows a little bit about country venues in Texas should be proud of that, especially coming from Kevin Fowler. The way he described the Rose is a place where real people like to go and have a good time. They dance, drink beer, and enjoy music, not like a big, plastic venue where people are just spectators to a show.

We also had the chance to ask him what his favorite venue was either in Texas or otherwise. He couldn’t really choose one as there were so many he liked, but like the Rose he said he much prefers the more intimate dancehalls that have a real country, honky-tonk vibe. He likes when there’s people right up in his face when he’s performing, drinking beer and having fun.

Gruene Hall Kevin Fowler

On the Subject of Beer…

Kevin proclaims to have quite possibly the most songs about beer than any artist out there. That’s a fair assessment and clearly it’s a subject in which he’s passionate about, not just for himself, but also for his friends and fans. We had to ask Kevin what his favorite beer is and he had quite a good answer to this question. He said is favorite beer is…. Cold and Free!

He also said he’s become quite fond of some Mexican beers from time to time. He said they are much easier to get in the border states like Texas, but they go down well!

Kevin Fowler Beer

Where is Kevin Fowler’s Happy Place?

Many artists we’ve talked to have a ‘happy place’ where they like to relax when they are not on tour. We inquired with Kevin about where his was and coincidentally he was on his way to it as we spoke! Kevin owns a ranch outside Austin where whenever he goes he likes to leave the stress outside. He likes to drink beer, hangout with his deer he has on the property, and relax with family and friends. While many people choose to collect things like guitars, Kevin collects something a bit different at his ranch. He loves old structures! From log cabins, to farmhouses, to barns he has bought old structure and set them up on his ranch property. He hosts weddings and other events there, if you’re interested you can check them out on his Rustic Ranch Texas Website.

Rustic Ranch Texas

What is his Pre-Show Ritual?

Whether it’s a certain meal or routine of actions, many artists create pre-show rituals for good luck or just out of habit. We asked Kevin if he had one and it was a bit different than we expected. For this beer drinking, hooting and hollering, Texas Country Star, what he likes to do before each show is… take a nap.

While this might not be what you we’re expecting, it makes sense. He likes to save as much energy as possible for his shows to share with his fans. If pre-show naps are what make his shows so fun and energized then we are all for it!

What’s Different About Texas Country Music?

The sub-genre of Texas Country has spread all over the USA and has become very popular. As Kevin Fowler is synonymous with this style of music we asked for his two cents on why it’s different than country music as a whole. For Kevin, the primary difference is that Texas Country is more personal. The objective is to create a close relationship between the fans and the artists. He also said the Texas Country scene is a very tight knit community. All the artists are on a group text together and friends both inside and outside of music. In his opinion Texas Country is a bit more honest than a lot of other genres of music. There’s no smoke and mirrors of artists trying to portray something they are not, it’s more of a what you see is what you get.

Fish and Kevin Fowler

What’s his Favorite Song that he’s Written?

Kevin had a hard time choosing which song he thinks is the best he’s ever written. He likes to perform a lot of his songs and there are many fan favorites. If he was hard-pressed to choose he would probably say ‘Long Line of Losers‘ or one of his many songs about beer. He said that his songs are like his children. It’s very difficult to pick a favorite!

How did Kevin Get Started in Music?

Kevin Fowler was a self-proclaimed band geek up through high school. He took business classes in College, but always continued to play music on the side. At some point during his eduction he came to the realization that he would rather be broke and doing what he loves, than be riche doing what he hates. It took him nearly a decade to earn a single penny from playing music and he spent long hours working side jobs to fuel his passion to play music.

When he envisioned being a country musician he thought it was going to be all about playing songs, drinking beer, and having fun. Once he started to get deeper into it he came to the hard realization that it’s actually a ton of hard work and long hours. He found out the hard way that the life of a musician is not an easy lifestyle. He often struggles with juggling family life and road life. He said many professional musicians have relationships that end in divorce and he understand how it could happen. He often wishes he could spend more time with his wife and daughters.

Kevin Fowler Family

Sushi isn’t Country.

We always want to try and find out something new about artists when we get a chance to interview them. While we didn’t break the news by any means, Kevin told us that one thing most people didn’t realize about him is that he loves Sushi. He said after a recent Facebook post of his Sushi dinner he got a lot of backlash from true country fans who said Sushi isn’t part of the country lifestyle. While this is probably true, Kevin doesn’t seem to mind…

Kevin Fowler Sushi






Grizzly Rose Sam Riggs

Interview with Sam Riggs

Grizzly Rose Sam Riggs

How was your show at the Grizzly Rose?

This was my 3rd time headlining the Grizzly Rose! My guys and I absolutely love it here. The venue is top notch and the staff is amazing. They’ve got great food as well!

When did playing music first spark you interest?

I started playing music when I was just a little kid. My mom would play guitar and sing to my brother and I every night. That sewed the seed of music in my heart.

Tell us about the transition from Florida to Austin, TX when you were a teenager.

I moved from St. Cloud, FL to Austin, TX when I was 18 years old. I was chasing after a music career and Austin, Texas is a stellar music town. It was scary and crazy at times. I lived in a trailer in the woods way outside of town. I learned a lot about what I was made of in those days.

Sam Riggs Grizzly Rose Concert

How did you meet Ray Wylie Hubbard and what kind of impact did he have on your country music career?

I met Ray through Judy, his wife. They’re wonderful people. Ray taught me a ton about songwriting, and they both taught me a lot about the music business in general. I probably wouldn’t be as far along as I am without them!

We’ve heard that you had to sell all your possessions to finance ‘Lighthouse’ your seconded extended play. How confident were you that this would lead to bigger things when you decided to take that risk?

It was a complete leap of faith. I was gambling everything on my willingness to work harder than anyone else. It’s worked so far! Lol.

After ‘Outrun the Sun’ was released, positive things started happening quickly for you. What was the moment where you realized that being a country music star was no longer a dream, but a reality?

I think it really started to sink in that this was working when when places like Rolling Stone Magazine started calling and asking to do interviews. It was pretty wild… Suddenly the press was all over it out of nowhere. My manager at the time and I were scrambling to stay on top of it!

Sam Riggs Denver Grizzly Rose

What is your favorite song that you have created in your career so far and why?

There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I’m really proud of. Songs like Change, and The Lucky Ones are two that stick out at the moment. They capture such an important aspect of our lives that so many people graze over in music these days. I love them.

Where’s your favorite place to play? Whether it’s a city or a specific venue.

The Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO.

Why did you decided to release your second album on your own label and what was your experience like using Kickstarter to crowd-fund it?

I wanted to make the record and release on my own terms. It was a huge success for us, but there were several times when I wondered if I was in over my head. Just gotta keep working! It’s paid off ten-fold being able to call the shots. Kickstarter was amazing- being able to include the fans in the process at that level was the ultimate experience.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of music? What do you like to do and how do you typically spend your free time?

Outside of music I tend to be a little bit of an adventure/adrenaline junky. I’m a pilot, so I fly in the backcountry quite a bit. I also love backpacking, rock climbing, and camping. I’m definitely an outdoors guy.

Interview with Ray Scott

Interview with Ray Scott

We’ve got Ray Scott joining Sawyer Brown for what’s setup to be a fantastic show this week! If you haven’t bought tickets yet follow the link below.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets to Ray Scott & Sawyer Brown

Interview with Ray Scott

We’re excited to have you back at the Grizzly Rose again! Tell us about your last time playing with us?

It was a snowy Thanksgiving eve a couple of years back, so the crowd was a little small, but it was great!

Tell us a bit about your newest album “Guitar for Sale.’ How is it unique and different from your previous albums?

Guitar for Sale is a little different than the last couple we put out. It’s still me, still my songwriting viewpoint, but we tracked this one live, giving it more energy and more of an unpolished sound. I wanted this record to sound reminiscent of the music that lit a fire in me years ago, be it country or rock.. I think we accomplished that. I’m proud of our results. Michael Hughes produced this record and it was a first time effort with him.

You have been in the country music game for quite some time now. What are your top 3 favorite venues to play in the country?

Well, the Grizzly Rose was on my Bucket List for a while, and we finally got to do that, so that’s one of them. I also enjoyed playing at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. There have also been a number of old theaters across the US that all have their own charm. It is really hard to narrow it down.

What was your path to becoming a country musician like? Was there a defining moment or influence in your life that is most responsible for driving you to become a country musician?

I was a rocker… My first band was a rock band. Growing up in the 80’s I wasn’t a big fan of the country stuff my dad was listening to, but looking back that was more about rebellion against the folks! I heard Steve Earle singing ‘Someday.’ The song spoke to me really loudly and I was hooked. I then began to realize country was getting cool again. I immersed myself with it during the early 90s. I realized that it much more suited my sensibilities as my songwriting began to develop.

What is your all-time favorite line in any song that you’ve ever written?

My all time favorite line in one of my songs is:

  • “It ain’t the neighborhood you’re in… It’s the neighbor that you are.”

Another one that I really like is:

  • “I ain’t always thirsty when I drink”.

Ray Scott Country Singer Interview

When you aren’t on the road, in the studio, or on tour. What activities usually occupy your time?

When I’m not on the road or in the studio, I like to hang out with my best friend which is my wife Stacey. She always reminds me of what life is all about, the simple things.

It seems as if a cowboy hat is a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. Do you have a favorite brand or store for your cowboy hats?

Man, I like Lonestar Cowboy Hats. I’ve been getting them at Boot Barn, but they don’t carry them as much now. I need a new hook-up!

If someone had never heard your music and wanted to know what you are all about based on one song. Which song would you recommend them to listen to?

My first single, My Kind of Music, is a good place to start. Then they could peel the onion a number of ways after that, haha…

Looking back on all you’ve achieved, what advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue a career in music?

The Music Biz is harder than it’s ever been… You’ve gotta really burn inside to do it. And you’ve gotta work your butt off to set yourself apart from all the other newcomers. With social media, it’s like every other person is an “artist” these days. You’ve gotta really work to make yourself unquestionably legitimate and original. I still believe the cream rises to the top, but there are a lot more dead fish in the way now.

Drinkin’ Beer is a fantastic song. When your partaking in this activity, what’s your favorite beer?

Man, I’ve actually taken a break from the golden beverage, but I tend to like getting away from the big brands. I enjoy trying the specialty stuff like micro-brews. I’d also recommend Veteran Beer. They’re a smaller company that makes a superior product, and they donate a lot of proceeds to the needs of Veterans and their families. That rocks in my book!

Eric Paslay Exclusive Interview

Interview with Eric Paslay

We are very excited for Eric’s upcoming show at the Grizzly Rose. If you haven’t already got a ticket for the show you can purchase tickets below.

Click here for tickets to the Eric Paslay show.

Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before?

This will be my 3rd or 4th time playing at the Grizzly Rose

It’s been said that honesty is a potent tool in your creative arsenal as a musician. Can you explain this a bit and why you’ve developed this as a part of your music.

Honesty is a tool in my creative arsenal. I think every great song has honesty at its root.

Who are your top 3 favorite red heads (besides yourself)?

My Top Three Red Heads:

  1. Willie
  2. Reba
  3. Lucille Ball

You’ve had a lot of #1 hits in your time. Regardless of how well the song performed, what is your favorite song you’ve ever written and/or performed and why?

I am grateful and love all of the number one songs I’ve been a part of. One of my favorite songs is Deep As It Is Wide because I got to record it with Amy Grant and Sheryl Crow. Not only was it a dream to sing with both of them, but it was at a time when I didn’t have any hits as a writer or as a singer and them believing in me was a boost from Heaven.

You started playing guitar at a young age. Who was the artist or band that was your biggest inspiration to pick up a guitar and want to play it yourself?

I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 15, kinda crazy! Eric Clapton ‘Tears In Heaven’ was the first song I figured out on guitar. At most sound checks you might hear me playing it.

 Eric Paslay Interview

Like many country musicians you very much identify with your Texas roots. Can you tell us how important the Lone Star state is to you and how’s it’s shaped you as a musician?

Being from Texas has shaped me musically I’m sure. I think we are all shaped from the country, state and town we grow up in. I love all kinds of music and Texas radio waves are full of diversity.

Tell us about the best day you ever had. What happened that day?

The best day I ever had was when I married my wife!

Besides Texas, where is the city that’s your favorite place to play? The place that every time you see it on the tour list you smile.

One of my favorite cities to play is Denver!!!

Here’s doubled a barreled question. Who is your favorite artist you ever performed with? Also, what artist have you not performed with yet, but would love to collaborate with sometime in the future.

It’s hard to pick one person I loved performing with. Amy and Sheryl were amazing! Charlie Daniel’s was a total trip! Singing The Driver with Charles Kelley and Dierks was super special too. An artist I’d love to perform with is Tom Petty.

What’s your comfort food? After a long tour or show, what’s your go to meal to make yourself feel whole again.

Honestly, when I get home from a tour my wife and I usually walk up the street and get some Shrimp and Grits!

Casey Donahew Featured

Interview with Casey Donahew

Last week we had the opportunity to host Casey Donahew for a great night at the Rose. Afterwards we had asked him some questions about his life as an artist and his love for Texas. Here’s what we learned.

Casey Donahew Interview

Was this your first show at the Grizzly Rose?

No, we have been playing the Rose for years, it’s one of our favorites!

We know that Texas is very important to you. Tell us a little bit about your roots and upbringing in Texas.

Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and I’m still living there today! I love everything about it, from the history and tradition to the western heritage.

What’s different about the country music scene in Texas than the rest of the country?

Texas I think is unique with in the fact that people can tour and play in Texas and
never have to leave the state if that’s what they choose!

“Once you get your heart broken for the first time, you’ve got a lot to say, I guess.” We’ve heard you credit past relationships to the inspiration behind your early work. What’s the story on the woman behind this quote?

Oh there’s no specific story, I think the ups and downs of young love sticks with you.

We’ve heard you like to keep things low key and continue to play at smaller local bars in Texas. What’s your favorite small venue to play at?

I’m a low key guy, but when it comes to music and venues I love the big, loud, rowdy
places. Bigger the crowd the more fun it is for us!

Casey Donahew Concert Photo

Tell us a bit about your decision to release albums independently and without the help of a major record label. How did you decide to go this route and are you happy that you did?

This is just the way it played out for us! We always wanted to have a strong hand in
the direction of our music and sound. I never wanted anybody telling me what to sing
or wear. I am happy and proud that we were able to accomplish what we have as an
independent artist.

Where’s your ‘happy place’? Maybe it’s a family ranch, your hometown bar, or a wide open stretch of land. Where’s the place you like to go to get away from it all.

We have a ranch in west Texas called the One Star, and that’s my escape. That and anything I can do with my family. I spend a lot of time hunting and fishing with my two sons

What’s the biggest challenge you have ever faced as a musician?

The travel away from home and family continues to be the hardest thing about being a musician.

You’ve probably played a lot of incredible shows over the years. Is there a single show that sticks out in your mind that made a lasting impact on you? Maybe it was the crowd or you were just in the zone that night?

We have played some cool places for some amazing people! But being from Fort Worth. The first time we sold out Billy Bobs was a huge moment for us.

The classic question of ‘you are stuck on a deserted island with one album to listen to’ (and it cant be one of your own). What are you going to choose?

Always a tough one! Merle Haggards Greatest Hits probably wins.

Connect with Casey Donahew





Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose Interview

Interview with Chase Bryant

Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose

We are excited to be hosting Chase Bryant on Friday, March 31st at 8:00pm.

To purchase tickets to the show please click here.

We had the chance to interview Chase to learn a bit more about his band.

Have you played a show at the Grizzly Rose before?

I have! The first show we ever played there was a big sell out show! Let’s do it again!

We are always curious as to what musicians are listening to. Who is an artist in any genre that you are into at the moment?

The 1975’s. The melodies are so incredibly infectious!

Life as an artist means you are on the road a lot. How do you keep yourself entertained while you are on the road?

Sleep as much as I can! I’m an early riser however! I love the newspaper. I know I sound like a hundred years old!

Tell us something that your fans probably wouldn’t expect about your band?

We’re all a bunch of neat freaks! A clean bus is a happy bus!

What is the most memorable show that you were in attendance for that impacted you as an artist?

Man, that’s tough! Probably Bryan White or Steve Wariner!

Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose Interview

What about your favorite show that you played in?

The first Grizzly Rose show. It was for me and my entire band!

Let’s talk about ‘being country.’ Was there a time in your life where you really felt like you embodied the country lifestyle?

Must have been county fairs showing goats, cows, and chickens! Haha…

When you are not on the road or playing music, what are you doing?

Either hunting, fishing, or cooking! I love all three. They all run hand in hand!

Is there a part about being a country musician that you don’t like?

Actually, thinking about what I’d do if I wasn’t a musician! It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever known.

Is there a particular song that you prefer to perform live?

I love playing some covers. Anything from The Chainsmokers, to Stevie Wonder!

Connect with Chase Bryant






Michael Tyler Interview

Interview with Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler Interview

Michael Tyler is a young artist from Missouri who’s quickly making an impact on the country music scene. He’s an incredibly nice and funny guy, and we had the opportunity to chat with him about his experiences as a musician and to get the scoop on his upcoming album.

Thanks for playing a show with us back in November, we had a great time! What did you think of the Grizzly Rose?

It was my first time playing at the Rose and I had an excellent time. I’m not just saying this because you are interviewing me, but honestly I think it was my favorite show on the whole tour. It was one of our last shows and we got to bring out a whole camera show. The audience was great and it was just a lot of fun.

Did you get some time to hangout in Denver?

I didn’t have a ton of time, but I enjoyed myself, it’s always a fun time. I’ve only been to Denver once before, but Colorado is one of my favorite places in the country to travel to. Aspen is another really great place to be.

We heard you’re dropping a new album this month. What’s the inspiration behind the album and what can we expect?

I grew up in a small town in Missouri and this album is supposed to show what that world is like. The album is called ‘317’ and that number is one that has a lot of meaning to me. The first time I drove out to Nashville from my hometown in Thayer, MO was a really important trip for me. When I pulled into Nashville, I noticed that the odometer read exactly 317 miles. That number was permanently imprinted in my memory and I wanted to dedicate this album to that experience which is the story behind the name. Overall, this whole thing just take me back to my roots which I want to share with everyone.

What’s your favorite song on the album?

There are a lot of songs that I really like, but the one that sticks out that I’m really excited to show people is ‘Songs about Missouri.’ This song is about what my life was like back home in MO which is what I’m trying to do with the album.

What’s the most difficult part about being a musician?

That’s easy, it’s flying… My mom, my grandpa, and my uncle were all pilots. You’d think I would be into it, but I hate being on airplanes, I’m a nervous reck. I find myself flying to shows and I absolutely hate it every time. For me that’s the toughest part about being a musician, because going on tour is essential which means I have to fly a lot.

Michael Tyler Grizzly Rose Interview

Whether your on the road or relaxing at home, what are you listening to these days?

I like a variety of stuff and it’s always changing. I really like the whole album ‘All Day’ by Locash that’s a good one. Been listening to a lot of Jason Aldean, Machine Gun Kelly, and some old school stuff like the Capris. A super random artist I listen to is One Direction. I feel like a lot of their songs have a strong 80s influence and I really like that.

How do you spend your his free time?

I like going back home to Missouri and I really love the Spring turkey hunting season. I try to get back for that as much as I can. Other than that I just try to be outside as much as I can. Get into the river, go fishing, or even out playing golf.

Who influenced you to become an artist?

Jason Aldean. He was my biggest influence and I still love all his stuff. My brother and I got into it and he was a big part in getting us into country music. When he came out it was the bridge between country and rock music with a lot of guitar.

You are a young artist. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

That seems like a long way out, but hopefully I will be on a massive tour. I want to play in the biggest arenas in front of big crowds of people. My dream is to travel the world and play music. If that’s what I’m doing then I will be very happy!

If you couldn’t play music anymore, what would you do instead?

That’s tough, I have no idea really. Real jobs probably require going to College, haha. I suppose I would just be working with Dad and brother at the glass company in our hometown. I love spending time with my family back home, so that would make the most sense.

Michael Tyler’s new album ‘317’ drops on March 17th. Make sure to check it out!

Michael Tyler 317

Interview with Thompson Square

We’re excited to be hosting Thompson Square once again on March 3rd. Click here for tickets. We had the opportunity to chat with Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square, to ask him some questions about the band, his life, and music in general.

How did you meet each other?

We met each other at a singing competition and started dating almost immediately. At the time we were doing individual things, but after we started dating we were singing together at home a lot. We quickly realized we didn’t like being away from each other much, so making music together just seemed like the natural thing to do. We co-exist really well and have tons of fun with it. It’s been a really great thing. There hasn’t been another married couple in 40 some years doing what we do. Its important being together and now we have a kid together.

What’s it like working together as husband and wife? Do you ever get tired of each other?

Were human, we get sick of each other, we have some fights. But it works out most of the time!

Congratulations on the birth of your child about a year ago. How much has that had an impact on your music career and schedule?

Everything has to be great! We don’t have any time for mediocrity and we’re very busy. Cooper has been a huge inspiration for us and brought a lot of emotion to our songs. We’ve got a fantastic nanny which helps a ton. He’s a great traveler too. We are very fortunate to have our family together so often!

Thompson Square Cooper

Will you encourage your child to be a country musician?

We will encourage him to do whatever he wants to do. He’s already got the music bug, we can see it. He’s already rocking out all the time. We think he’s got rhythm inside him. But we will encourage him to follow his dreams no matter what they are. Open our eyes to what he’s in to. If he wants to be a soccer player, let’s do it. I’ll get him shin guards, lessons, or whatever he needs. We would like him to learn an instrument even if it’s just as a hobby or for his cognitive development. However, if he really likes music, we would love it and support him in that for sure!

Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before?

Many times! At least 6-8 times so far, it’s one of our favorite venues in the whole country. Our shows have always been packed and sold out. There’s a great energy in that place. Honestly, we wish there was more places like the Rose. We really are looking forward to coming back!

Where was the most memorable show you ever played?

The first time we played the Opry, that’s always something to remember. Also, when we played a show in Grand Rapids it was the first time the audience knew all the words and sung ‘Kiss Me’ back to us. It was a really good feeling! The VMA awards was also a big one.

If at this point in your life you could no longer work as a musician or in the music industry at all, what profession would you pursue?

I would probably build motorcycles. I love tinkering with old motorcycles. I also love to cook. One day we may get into the restaurant business. That could be a fun adventure.

Thompson Square Interview
Who were your biggest influences?

My parents listened to a lot of Elvis Presley so I was influenced by him quite a bit at a young age. Merle Haggard made me fall in love with his song writing. Bruce Springsteen made me want to be an artist. Steve Ray Vaughan made me want to play the guitar. To be honest I was influenced by so many people. I fell into Bob Dylan’s beautiful music ‘hole’ for a long time and had to consciously pull myself out of it because it had such a profound influence on me. I love Tom Petty. I even think Justin Bieber’s last singles were good! In other genres I think Eminem was one of the most innovate artists out there. It’s seriously intimidating what he can do with words.

What moment in your life did you feel the most country?

I had a belt buckle you could eat dinner on when I moved to Nashville. I dressed in a cowboy hat, boots and all that most of my life. I’m a country guy. I grew up on my grandpa’s farm. We used to pick our own potatoes. The first thing I drove was a 1930 Ford tractor! I knew how to plow and all that. I have always been around a country lifestyle. My dad was a salesman who lived in a 3 piece suit, but at home he was always in Wranglers. That being said, I can’t stand when people judge country by just clothes. No matter what people wear that stuff is embedded in them. I might live in the city, but always will have country inside. Shotguns my whole life. Shawna was raised on a farm as well. Were just two country people.

What was the best show you ever were in the audience before (any genre)?

I always had a problem with going to concerts. It’s like watching football when you want to be an athlete. Tesla and Great White was the first concert I went to. KISS blew me away. I’ve seen them 3-4 times and they are amazing to me. They talked before each song which is a ‘no-no’ in live music, but they are so big it doesn’t matter. Those were my favorite shows until I saw Springsteen in Jersey. It was the first show after Clarence died. I’ve always been a huge Springsteen fan. He’s made a big impact on my songwriting. That one Springsteen show though was just incredible. I had just read the book about Clarence it was a gift from Shawna. With Clarence on the jumbotron as a tribute, Bruce played 3 hours or more and he’s in his mid-sixties! I felt like you had to pull him off stage to make him stop. It made me want to up my game as an entertainer. He’s the only artist that I really noticed that keeps getting better and better. I never thought I would say that. He just continues to evolve. He’s so impressive. Don’t know if I could do 3 hours every night like he does.

I also saw Pink Floyd on the Wall Tour at Yankee Stadium. I wasn’t even a fan of their music per-say, but the show kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I barely knew their music, but I was completely captivated by it.

Which song is currently the most fun for you to perform live?

You make it look so good. It’s a new fresh song that was written for us. One of my favorite things in our shows that we do.

Jeannie Seely Interview

Exclusive Interview with Country Legend Jeannie Seely

Jeannie Seely is a country music legend and Grand Ole Opry Star. Back in the 60s and 70s she won and was nominated for a number of awards including a Grammy for her country hit “Don’t Touch Me” which reach #2 on Billboard and #1 on Record World. She’s been singing for over 5 decades, produced many country hits, and got to know many other musicians along the way. Jeannie was kind enough to answer some questions for us about her life as a country musician. Enjoy!

Jeannie Seely Interview

What is one thing you can tell us that most people don’t know about you and might surprise us?

At one time I might have said that I think people were always surprised how down-to-earth I am, that I don’t live a glamorous lifestyle. I’ve never liked that. I don’t live to try and impress anybody. Except being happy. I never believed in living above my means, that was the way I was brought up and I think that’s so important. I just want to live my life comfortably, doing what I love to do for a living. I love my neighbors and my family and all of my friends. I like to forget that I’m an entertainer or “celebrity” as often as possible.

Tell us about why you’re called “Miss Country Soul”?

The Miss Country Soul, when Ed Hamilton was the national promotion manager for Monument Records, he was on a promotion tour promoting Don’t Touch Me, and he was somewhere in Louisiana, I don’t remember where. But I remember that he told me as he left the radio station he’d visited, the disc jockey played my record Don’t Touch Me and he back-announced it saying ‘that’s the blue-eyed soul of Miss Country Soul Jeannie Seely’ and Ed really liked the sound and the feel of that and it so it kinda stuck.

Tell us about the most difficult time of your career as a musician?

Oh, I think the 80s were the most difficult time for me because I had had the success and everything was just on stall at that time. And like I said, when you’re married to somebody in the industry, when the marriage ends, a lot of the other stuff does too. Because the old buddy system was, and still is, alive and well. So I looked around and everything that I had built was being taken away. Either through the divorce and when Jack and I split the road show, unfortunately, most of the promoters were loyal to him. As a male artist too so it was a really rough time in the 80s for me.

You’ve met a lot of famous musicians during your career? Who made the biggest impact on you and why?

Ernest Tubb was one of the big influences for me because I grew up listening to his music as a child. And when I came to Nashville and we were working out of the same booking agency and then he also was one of the forerunners with his television show and he asked me to be on his TV show, too. So Ernest had a big influence on me from the time I was a child until later on professionally. And, of course with the Midnight Jamboree and the tradition that he carried on and instilled in those that were coming along behind him to carry on that tradition which we still try to do today.

What made you want to become a musician?

I don’t ever remember not wanting to be a singer, songwriter. I’m really not a musician, I mean I have the utmost respect for the musicians that I work with because they are so, so knowledgeable. And I think, like when I talk about writing my songs, I get frustrated sometimes because I don’t know how to express what I hear. In my mind I can hear what I’m creating but I don’t know how to really put it down. If I was smart, I’d take some music lessons. I keep thinking my career is over. But, I don’t consider myself a musician at all. I’m definitely a songwriter, and even as a singer, I hesitate to call myself a singer because there are so many who sing better. I just like to be known as an entertainer.

Jeannie Seely Albums

 What’s the story behind “Don’t Touch Me”? Did you ever think it would as successful as it became?

Hank (Hank Cochran) & I had gone and talked to Fred Foster about signing me with Monument and Fred said “OK, find me the song and we’ll go ahead and record.” So when we were looking and listening to song after song, and I was kind of telling Hank what I’d like to have was a ballad to sing that would reach everybody. And so I was on the road with Porter Wagoner and we were in Rochester, NY and Hank had gone to Indianapolis with some writers and he got the idea and called me and sang me basically the first verse and asked me if I liked it and I told him I did. So he caught a plane and flew to Rochester, NY. And he actually finished it in my dressing room in the auditorium there. By the time we got to the bridge, he’d had a little too much scotch to play the guitar. So I had to take the guitar and kind of finish that. So more of the bridge kind of is mine, but that’s all I knew how to play.

I don’t remember ever really thinking of what the song might do or what the record might do, I was just so young and so new at all of it I was just excited to have anything happening in my career and recording. But looking back now, there would be no way to could ever predict anything. And the fact that it’s sung, I can go in places now and hear that song being sung 50 years later. That’s a testament to what a great song it is.

You’ve done a lot of travel and lived in many different cities during your career. Where’s your favorite place?

Oh without a doubt, Nashville is my very favorite place to be. I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania and when I finished school I went to southern California. And I loved California and now, particularly looking back, I know how lucky I was to be there in the time period that I was there. So many things were breaking open there, and yet you could still get around, unlike today. You couldn’t do what I did then. I had a little MG Roadster and I negotiated the interstate for one minute and then I’d be at the beach the next and then I’d be up in the mountains. It was just an awesome time to live out there. But I wanted Nashville for a couple of different reasons. Number one, the Grand Ole Opry, and number two it was the center of country music, it was obvious and number three because I wanted the season changes again.

When you aren’t performing, how do you spend your time?

I like to sit in this cottage on this river bank and watch the boats on the river go by and of all the places I’ve lived too, and the homes I’ve had, I’ve never been as content anywhere as I have been in this little cottage. I downsized from a big, sprawling farmhouse in Hendersonville back in the early 90s to this little cottage that I found right on the bank of the river. And of course when I moved here we had Opryland Park and TNN Studios, the Gaslight Theater, all the shows, everything that was going on here, everything in the industry that I did was right here. I also like it because it’s so close to the airport. And so close to downtown and it sits off on a little dead-end street that you’re hard-pressed to know you’re not out in the country when you’re get down in this little area by the river.

What’s your advice to anyone looking to become a musician?

My advice for anybody who wants to become part of this fabulous entertainment world is, if that’s where your heart is, follow your heart and do it on any level you can. I remember at one time, years ago before I came back here, Bobby Bare was one of the people I met in California. Bobby asked me one time, “what do you want to do in your life?” and I said, “I want to sing.” And he said, “well then, that’s simple, just sing. It doesn’t matter what level you sing on, if that’s what makes you happy. Whether it’s in church or home, in a nightclub or recording, if that’s what you want to do, then just do it.” And I would encourage anybody to find someplace in the industry, if they love it, because all the jobs, I think, in the entertainment world are fun. If I wasn’t an entertainer, I probably would have worked in production or promotion.

What is your all time favorite show that you played during your long career? Why?

Without a doubt the Grand Ole Opry!

Jeannie Seely has a new album!

This is her first album release in over 6 years and contains 14 tracks all of which were written or cowritten by Jeannie herself. It can be found on Spotify, iTunes and many other popular music platforms.

Jeannie Seely New Album