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Colorado Hunting

Colorado was a big frontier back in the days of the Wild West. The area sits where the Great Plains come crashing into the majestic Rocky Mountains, and this gives the state a diverse amount of areas for wildlife to roam. In fact, Colorado has ten species of big game, most notably: black bear mule […]


Blackhawk Interview

We’re amped for our upcoming show with Blackhawk! If you haven’t bought tickets yet, now is you last chance, follow the link below. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS TO BLACKHAWK How Do You Find Playing at the Grizzly Rose? The Grizzly Rose is an iconic venue and always a pleasure to play. The faithful Denver BH […]


Sam Riggs Interview

How was your show at the Grizzly Rose? This was my 3rd time headlining the Grizzly Rose! My guys and I absolutely love it here. The venue is top notch and the staff is amazing. They’ve got great food as well! When did playing music first spark you interest? I started playing music when I […]

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Country Singers from Colorado

When people think of country music, they might picture a boots and cowboy hat-wearing singer gracing the stage somewhere down south. But it would be wrong to exclude other country artists who come from other states, including Colorado. The rugged beauty of Colorado’s vast landscapes has inspired several artists in the country music universe. The […]


Little Texas Interview

We’re very excited for our upcoming show with Little Texas this Friday. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you can buy tickets here. We had the opportunity to do an interview with the band to learn a bit more about their lives as musicians. When did you first play at the Grizzly Rose and what […]


Top Outlaw Country Songs

Believe it or not, country music at one point was a genre which was hard to popularize and profit from. Country was a traditional style music normally enjoyed live and varied greatly from region to region. It wasn’t until the Nashville style of country came along and created a consistent standard for the genre that […]


Ray Scott Interview

We’ve got Ray Scott joining Sawyer Brown for what’s setup to be a fantastic show this week! If you haven’t bought tickets yet follow the link below. Click Here to Purchase Tickets to Ray Scott & Sawyer Brown We’re excited to have you back at the Grizzly Rose again! Tell us about your last time […]

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Eric Paslay Interview

We are very excited for Eric’s upcoming show at the Grizzly Rose. If you haven’t already got a ticket for the show you can purchase tickets below. Click here for tickets to the Eric Paslay show. Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before? This will be my 3rd or 4th time playing at the Grizzly […]

Stoney LaRue Interview

We are very excited for our upcoming show with Stoney LaRue! We had the chance to interview Stoney so that you can learn a bit more about him as an artist. Click here for tickets to the Stoney LaRue show. Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before? Yes I’ve been playing the grizzly Rose […]